Co - Production/ Engagement


I have several years of experience in delivering and running sessions around the topic of co-production and engagement. This is both for research purposes as well as for organisations. I am able to help in setting up your own co - production engagement group, finding the appropriate structures, and in the recruitment and retainment of membership. I am also experienced in running workshops with children and young people and am happy to provide my services in running these session on behalf of your organisation to collect feedback, views and opinions. 

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Written Work


I am a keen writer who has written series of blogs, journal articles and copy for various platforms, outlets and causes and aimed at different audience. 

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Work With Me

I am always happy to help and support where I can. If you feel there is anything I can do to help you or your organisation then please do not hesitate to reach out to me using my contact form if you want to discuss any of the services listed below or new ideas you wish to send my way. Always happy to discuss and start a conversation!


Speaking | Training & Workshops | Consultancy 

Co-Production/ Engagement | Written Work | Media Work

Reviewer | Group Facilitation 



I am an accomplished and confident speaker who is able to tailor and specialise my presentations to suit your needs. I have previously presented at a variety of engagements for multidisciplinary audiences. 
I am very candid in my approach to topics and am happy to discuss a range of topics effortlessly  - including sharing and reflecting on my own life experiences as well as sharing factual and educational matters. 

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Training & Workshops


I am able to offer bespoke training sessions and workshops on various topics which can be tailored to the needs of our individual team or organisation. This could be on a range of topics around healthcare, disability and rights of children and young people, to help you improve care, support, services and accessibility. I have previously run sessions around putting policy into practice, improving transition from children to adult services, the importance of co-production and communication training for healthcare professionals. 

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I am able to act as a consultant and adviser on a range of topics for a range of organisations and service providers. I enjoy supporting organisations, services and charities to improve their care, support or service provision and to better understand and appreciate the patient/ beneficiary perspective. 

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Media Work


I have worked with the media over the past decade on numerous occasions, including The Guardian, ITV and the BBC. I also have experience with written media, as well as presenting or appearing in charity of informational videos. I have been media trained during time as an advocate within the RCPCH. 

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Review Work


I have reviewed various journal articles and provided feedback and comments before publication. This has been for publications such as the BMJ, and the Lancet. As a patient reviewer I have been able to provide unique insights into where greater clarity and information may be required and also able to advise on areas where it maybe useful to review to aid readability and accessibility to a wider audience beyond those within the main intended readership 

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Group Facilitation


I am a trained group facilitator who can offer these services to individuals and organisations who need them. I can facilitate any type of group and ensure set goals and outcomes are reached with individuals leaving knowing what next actions they can personally take forward in their given areas of work/ responsibility. 

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