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Over the years, I have had the privilege to lead and contribute to a multitude of varied projects. Below I highlight projects of which I am proudest of and I believe provide an accurate representation of my beliefs, values and driving motivations.

The National Student


In 2019, I contributed to the final issue of 'The National Student' raising awareness and promoting discussions around disability and relationships. It provided an excellent platform to engage with the student population and dispel myths of the realities of being in a relationship as an individual with a physical disability. Disability is only as limiting as the attitudes of the society in which we live.

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Try It!

Disabled Students' Officer

In 2015, I ran a successful campaign which positively challenged attitudes towards the true accessibility of the UCL Campus, London. This campaign led to many physical improvements being made to the campus and its surrounding. The success of the campaign led to securing the NUS Disabled Students Campaign of the Year Award, 2015. 


Charity Masquerade Ball


In 2014, I organised and ran a Charity Masquerade Ball in collaboration with my Academic Department at UCL raising funds for the Brittle Bones Society. The event raised £2600 and catered for upwards of 200 guests. This student-led and organised event was the first of its kind for my department and has gone onto becoming an annual tradition. 

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